Seaway Filipinas Logistics, Inc. specializes in the supply, storage and delivery of a wide range of provisions, spare parts, deck and bonded stores to the marine industry engaging as a ship agent.. Likewise catering to the needs and requirements on shore based companies.
Spare parts and Shipboard equipment
Electrical Store
Machinery and Deck Stores
Provisions and Bonded Stores
Cabin Stores
Forwarding all types of goods by Air, Sea and Land
SOLAS equipments
Safety Gear
Hardware items
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Our mission is to be the best purveyor of the highest quality provision and service required by our foreign and domestic clientele. We are a company of excellence and a team people who put the greatest value in our relationship with our customers and with each team member. We work towards the common goal of complete CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Seaway, THE MARITIME SERVICE OF THE FUTURE, seeks no boundaries in providing the best products to our clientele both in supply, trading activities and documentation of vessels. Seeking no boundaries means to adhere to the demand of our clientele from the simplest item required to the highly technical item required.